Reviews from Happy Clients

Successful life changes gained with Lauren’s support and guidance

More calm, confident, and at peace

I appreciate you and all of our sessions that we have had. It has helped me in too many ways to list, but I feel so much more calm, confident and at peace with where I currently am, but also with the growth I have yet to do. You are amazing at what you do and I appreciate you. All the best.

Julie, Santa Monica, CA

No right or wrong answers

During my sessions with Lauren, one thing that was very important to my growth, is that she made me feel absolutely no pressure to have the “correct” answers – there were no right or wrong answers, instead simply putting into words whatever I was feeling or wanted to express in that moment in the most candid, safe, and easy-going manner.

Sofia, Singapore

Realized what I felt and actually wanted

After working with Lauren I feel more confident, which was a goal of mine. I feel better about building relationships and making decisions for myself. Talking through my personal feelings with Lauren helped me realize what I actually felt and what I actually wanted.

Azro, Wahington DC

You always uplifted me

You made me feel comfortable immediately, spoke to me as a friend and always uplifted me. I loved that you asked about my day/week or any events I had mentioned and then shifted from there to our coaching sessions. It felt like you were genuinely interested in my life and my growth and were always so positive and friendly. I liked that you let me talk through my feelings and thoughts encouraged me to get myself to the solution by asking questions and making recommendations.

Melissa T. Chicago

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