Private Life Coaching

1-on-1 coaching sessions held in-person in Santa Monica or via Zoom online

Life Changing Coaching
Mind, Body, and Heart

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Certified Life Coach, Lauren Wyka will work with you one-on-one and together you will plot a course for your meaningful personal and professional growth and betterment. Get skilled guidance and encouragement every step of the way. Lauren will be your ally, a sounding board, and a mirror. There are no judgments, no evaluations, and most of all, no pre-defined path. You’ll figure it all out together along the way.


Assist you in removing perceptions of obstacles in your life to infuse all aspects of your living experience with clarity, ease, peace, and love.


Guide you to uncover your ability to live up to your fullest potential and to share your gifts with the world on a larger impactful scale.


Show you how to put the building blocks of your life together and establish a path to a more expansive, richer version of yourself, to attain your goals faster.


Enrich your life with her intuitive guidance, care and support.


Assist you in healing your mind and transforming reality through the power of education, knowledge, love and support.


Teach you best practices to honor your bright light.


Assist you to relieve your suffering and locate what she calls “real freedom”.


Help you prioritize yourself.


Help you align and flow and take inventory of all that’s already working for you.


Help you to stop over-thinking, over-processing, over-analyzing. Stop anxiety, worry, and uncertainty.

Start living the life YOU want


Private life coaching sessions are a masterclass in YOU!

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Coaching program and strategy is personalized for your specific issue/needs.

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Cognitive, emotional and physical exercises for self-reflection, self-observation, self-adjustment.

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Experimentation to see what works best to help create the desired shift in you.

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Gain tools and skillsets to help you release the past, create more beneficial habits, and build new skills

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Discuss your progress, new insights, and address any challenges in twice-monthly private sessions.

When your thoughts, feelings and actions

are working in tandem you become

your most powerful self

In-Person Coaching Sessions in Santa Monica or Online via Zoom

4 months of private 1:1 coaching

Via Zoom or in-person in Santa Monica

– One 30 minute getting to know you call. We will have a conversation and I will ask about areas and aspects of you and your life, to gain clarity
– Seven coaching sessions that will last approx 60 minutes
– Access to text, email check-in support in between sessions
– 3 months after completion of program, one 60 minute session to follow-up on progress from this vantage point

To apply for this package and schedule your sessions with Lauren, get on the list

7 months of private 1:1 coaching

Via Zoom or in-person in Santa Monica

– One 30 minute getting to know you call. We will have a conversation and I will ask about areas and aspects of you and your life, to gain clarity
– Thirteen coaching sessions that will last approx 60 minutes
– Access to text, email check-in support in between sessions
– 3 months after completion of program, one 60 minute session to follow-up on progress from this vantage point

To apply for this package and schedule your sessions with Lauren, get on the list

“Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make, it will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you.”

Robin S. Sharma
Confidentiality and Privacy 100% guaranteed

Life Coaching FAQs

How will I know if I am a good candidate for coaching?

If you are looking on this website and you ask yourself any of these questions it is a good indication you are ready. Lauren will help you find the answers:

What is holding you back from reaching your full potential?

Are you ready to be free from the clutter and mess, the internal struggle?

Do you feel depressed, sad, anxious, lost, confused and do not know where it’s coming from?

Do you want to know what your purpose is?

Do you know what to do next on your path to professional success?

Should I stay working at this job or go back to get my masters?

Should I just focus on my career or should I start looking for a partner?

Is my career the most important thing in my life or is it family or traveling?

What makes me feel this pressure to succeed?

Should I date this person exclusively or date more?

Why are relationships so hard?

Why do I feel as if I am settling?

Am I settling? If so, what makes me want to when I know I have so much potential?

Why is it this so scary?

What is holding me back?

What is wrong with me?

What make me not say what’s really on my mind?

What am I afraid of?

I love my job I love what I do, but why don’t I speak up more?

Why don’t I get the credit I deserve?

What makes me feel this way?

What makes me doubt myself?

What do I want to contribute?

What makes me think I can’t do this?

What is stopping me?

What is holding me back?

Why do I keep procrastinating?

Why don’t I want to get out of bed?

Why haven’t I met my fitness goals?

Why am I still dating that loser?

What is keeping me down?

What is the invisible something stopping me?

What makes me afraid of what others think of me?

I am at a crossroads and need help figuring out the next step?

I have been grappling with something for a while, and I am not making the progress I have been hoping for?

I feel like something is missing, and I can’t identify what it is?

I want to do more of the work I love, and I can’t seem to figure out how to make it happen?

I want to switch gears, and I am worried I am not ready?

If you relate to any one or more of the above statements Lauren can and will help. Reach out to us, get connected and let’s get going!

How will you help me to understand myself and to overcome my problems?

Having confronted significant life challenges myself, I offer a deep understanding of meeting and overcoming adversity.

Coaching develops individuals so that they can be more effective, more fulfilled and, as a result, they are able to make a more meaningful contribution to their private and professional lives.

Coaching is a process entered into by a coach and a client. In this partnership the coach works as a guide to creatively inspire the client to maximize their personal and professional potential. Through understanding the client’s way of being in the world and through powerful enquiry, I assist clients discover new, more effective ways of dealing with the world around them.

My coaching process has a profound way of impacting clients to maximize their potential.

My coaching views the client as a holistic human being. Thoughts, beliefs and feelings all influence the way we are in the world and the way we address life’s challenges.

As a coach I facilitate a process in which clients are able to identify different aspects of their lives.

With this deeper understanding, the client is able to explore different possibilities and respond differently. As these shifts are made by the client they will inevitably find a more meaningful and sustainable life. The client is not told what to do by the coach, but discovers how to behave and react to different challenges and situations optimally.

Each coaching program is individually designed to meet the unique needs of the client.

I want to change my life but don't where to start

Stop waiting for some future moment to put yourself first. Working with Lauren will transform your life!

If you relate to any of the conditions below, communicating with a formally trained, non-judgmental third-party is a great place to plot a course for meaningful personal growth and betterment.

Life doesn’t always make sense.

Have you achieved many of your personal and professional goals, yet you have a constant, nagging feeling that you haven’t done enough?

Why aren’t you ever satisfied?

Are you a person striving to achieve many of your goals and are dissatisfied with your progress?

Why are you always down on yourself?

It’s not easy to admit that you could use a boost in life, a reset button, a new perspective. Perhaps you don’t know what you need and you want to move from where you’ve been languishing. You know you want change but aren’t sure how to make it happen. This is how to make it happen, work with Lauren!



What topics will we discuss in my sessions?

Everyday life: balance, feeling good daily, wanting to tackle the day, loving what you do; navigating difficult decisions to a suitable outcome.

Transitional Clarity: life seems to go on pretty well for you, but something still seems amiss; something has to change and not knowing what, gaining clarity about what you want.

Relationships: finding the sweet spot in relationships, personally and professionally; family and community.

Goals and Dreams: achieving your personal and professional dreams; purpose, money, access to experiences and making a contribution.

Burnout: feeling stuck or obsessing about one or more facets of your life; knowing what you stand for and living it.

Emotional Wellness: lessening anxiety and stress, discovering that feeling of inner peace and joy.

Love and Intimacy: finding deep love and intimacy in relationships; making heartfelt connections.

Health and Wellness: energy and vigor, wanting to tackle the day, zest for life, sexual health, spiritually being connected.

What is your coaching style and what types of coaching do you offer?

Mindset Coaching, Energy Coaching, Confidence Coaching, Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, Relationships, Personal Growth, Health and Wellbeing, Holistic, Work/life balance, Entrepreneur, Change Management, Money/finances, Spiritual Growth, Grief and Loss, and more.

Lauren offers revolutionary teachings and coaching through leadership, facilitating and coordinating 1:1 work, live group intensive on Zoom, and in-person in Santa Monica.

Lauren is a highly attuned empathic healer with deeply felt dedication, intuition, and sensitivity. She is a deep listener who cares about you and enjoys learning about your experiences, life, and stories. She is a honest straight shooter who does not bs you. She supports her clients get the results they are looking for consistency. 

You will feel comfortable in Lauren’s total acceptance. non-judgmental, and grounding presence.

Coaching is confirming and confidence boosting to move forward in your life, the way you want to.

Do you see clients both in person and online?

In-person sessions are located in Santa Monica, CA and we can make arrangements for other locations.

Online sessions are via Zoom.

What do I have to do, what is my commitment?

Your role in this is based on doing the work. When you work with Lauren you go as slow or fast as you want to go. You have to be open and willing to do things in your life in a fresh way. 

Sessions are 100% confidential and private.

How long is each coaching session and how often will we meet?

SESSION DURATION: Approx. 60 mins.

MEET WITH LAUREN: Every two weeks.

If you want to schedule more than one session at a time, allow at least 2 weeks in between sessions.

Please choose your session time carefully as it may not be possible to reschedule sessions due to Lauren’s limited availability.

If you go on vacation we will happily work with you and put sessions on hold if you choose.

What happens if I miss a session I have scheduled?

Should you miss your session, it will be forfeited.

What are the 1:1 coaching session packages?

Lauren offers 4 month and 7 month session packages.

What happens when I finish my package of sessions?

The team will reach out to you and check in with you 3 months after completion to assess if you want to go further. Or, if you decide you want to continue before then we will set-up a new sessions plan.

Do you offer group sessions?

Yes, group sessions are for 3 months click link to see dates.

We want to make sure you’re a great fit for the group mastermind:
STEP 1. Click button on the GROUP LIFE COACHING page to fill out FLOURISH mastermind application and to schedule a chemistry call with Lauren.
STEP 2. Put down $100 deposit to hold your spot
STEP 3. Pay in full or set up your payment plan.

We will accept members on a first-come, first- served basis. If you’re interested, apply right away to increase your likelihood of being accepted.

How do I pay you? Do you accept insurance?

Pay via PayPal, Venmo, credit card, cash, ACH, or Wire transfer.

Please note: that coaching with Lauren is not a medical consultation or treatment. We are not able to provide receipts for insurance.

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