Group Life Coaching

Group sessions held in-person in Santa Monica and online via Zoom

Group Coaching, Support, & Guidance Helps YOU:

    • Find your purpose
    • Improve your career path
    • Have more self-confidence
    • Have more self-esteem
    • Have better relationships
    • Communicate so you get what you want
    • Have inner peace and inner joy
    • Suffer less
    • Move past fear
    • Relieve anxiety, worry, and depression
    • Move past blockages
    • Lessen mind chatter
    • Connect deeply with others, professionally and personally
    • Have intimacy within relationships
    • Connect deeply with yourself
    • Ask for what you want
    • Live a more fulfilling life

What is Holding You Back From Your Greatness?

We all have parts of ourselves that we do not necessarily see or notice. These unseen aspects can hold us back from our greatness and keep us stuck. Blindspots into Butterflies is here to support and guide you in locating the unseen and then cultivate more understanding of who you are to then Flourish and Fly.

Upcoming Group Coaching Events

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FLOURISH is an exclusive 3-month mastermind for you to learn more about yourself and learn how to get out of your own way in this life. If you’re ready to up-level your impact and achieve your goals, our mission is to help you do just that!

Also, you will be held and supported within a community of like-minded human beings.


2-hour group call, twice per month for 3 months
Twice a month the group will meet on Zoom for two hours, 4pm-6pm PST.
Dates: Summer 2024, TBD.

Three 1:1 private Zoom sessions with Lauren Wyka
Private powerful coaching sessions held via Zoom, during which we will identify strategies and steps for you to live a life of ease in getting what you want and attaining your goals. Together we will co-create a program just for you!

1-hour group integration session via Zoom with your assigned small group, once per month
You will be assigned to a smaller group based on your time zone. You will meet for one-hour via Zoom, once per month. Group members choose a time and that works for everyone monthly.

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 FLOURISH is for YOU if…

Do you love your life and the direction you are going but want to work more efficiently so you can enjoy your life more? Flourish is for you.

Do you feel like you work overtime to make sure that everyone else gets what they need but your own needs and desires end up at the bottom of your To Do list? Flourish is for you.

Are you are exhausted and still feel like your hard work is not achieving your desired results? Flourish is for you.

Do you feel that you have reached a plateau in your life, business life or your relationships and you know there is more for you to enjoy, achieve or experience but you don’t know how to make that leap?Flourish is for you.

Are you are crushing it but still feel alone or isolated and are longing for community with like-minded like-hearted humans for sacred support and connection? Flourish is for you.

Do you find yourself bleeding bandwidth by being overly invested in controlling the feelings, the decisions and the outcomes of others? Flourish is for you.

Do you need structure, motivation and accountability to create your optimal life, career or relationships? Flourish is for you.

Do you feel like you’re settling in your relationships, personally or professionally? Flourish is for you.

Do you need someone who can see your true potential and help you make it your reality? Flourish is for you.

Reprogram your subconscious mind
with empowering beliefs and thoughts that
fuel and support the life you desire and deserve!

Somewhere deep down you know you need something more…support, strategies, insights into yourself or your relational patterns, community and a rock-solid plan.

You need an experienced coach who understands the specific challenges you’re facing and has the proven expertise. You need a skilled guide who can support you with customized strategies.

Flourish is about supporting you in the areas that will help you most in your life, business and relationships in 2024.

You might need help setting boundaries, breaking through your fear of becoming more visible, getting clear with who you are and the confidence to share it.

Or maybe you need help living an abundance mindset rather than scarcity.

Whatever’s holding you back, Flourish is designed to help you overcome it so you can thrive. Period.

We will work together to reprogram your subconscious mind with empowering beliefs and thoughts that fuel and support the life you desire and deserve!

You will be happier, more fulfilled, and learn to powerfully communicate so you are accurately seen, heard, and understood in all areas of your life.


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