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Lauren Wyka, Santa Monica, California USA

Lauren Wyka life coaching

About Lauren Wyka

Lauren is a natural when it comes to meeting new people. She enjoy learning about other human beings’ experiences, lives, and stories. Lauren is a deep listener who cares. Her goal is to support you in finding solutions to the current happenings in your life. You will feel comfortable in her total acceptance presence and non-judgmental demeanor. Lauren coaches in genuine service with a focus on cultivating greater capacity and fulfillment in the lives of her clients. She looks forward to meeting you and hearing about what is on your mind.


  • Certified Integral Coach (New Ventures West)
  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) (International Coaching Federation)
  • ACTP – ICF Accredited Coach
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Certified Integral coach badge from New Ventures West

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Lauren will guide you, giving you direction and clarity:

Gain work/life balance, grow personally and spiritually, manage change, grief and loss, improve your finances, and to take care of your holistic health and wellbeing.

Career coaching, developing leadership, entrepreneurship skills, and executive coaching will help you grow professionally.

Offering revolutionary teachings and coaching through leadership, facilitating and coordinating 1:1 work, live group intensive on Zoom, and in-person in Santa Monica.

She is a highly attuned empathic healer with deeply felt dedication, intuition, and sensitivity. She is a deep listener who cares about you and enjoys learning about your experiences, life, and stories. You will feel comfortable in Lauren’s total acceptance. non-judgmental, and grounding presence.


Working with a formally trained professional is bar none the most crucial time-saver to your personal development and professional goals.


Get support in finding solutions to the current happenings in your life.


Lauren will guide you down the path of discovery to reveal who you really are at your core – your true essence. The sooner this happens, the less time it takes to achieve your goals.


Live up to your fullest potential so you can share your gifts with the world on the largest, most impactful scale.


Focus on cultivating greater capacity and fulfillment in your life.

Group Coaching Online 

1:1 Life Coaching

1:1 session via Zoom available to US and international clients. In-person 1:1 sessions available in Santa Monica, California.

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