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Life Coaching
Achieve personal and professional growth

Life coaching can help you gain work/life balance, grow personally and spiritually, manage change, grief, and loss, improve your finances, and to take care of your holistic health and wellbeing. Career coaching, developing leadership, entrepreneurship skills, and executive coaching will help you grow professionally.

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Receive guidance, direction, and clarity. Learn how to ask for what YOU want in love, relationships, and community. Get what you want from life with ease, and attain your goals faster.

Improve Self Confidence

Accept and trust yourself

Gain Inner Peace

Communicate boundaries

Elevate Self Esteem

Balanced self-view

Gain Inner Joy

Contentment and meaning

Improve Relationships

Connect deeply

Quiet Your Mind

Stop overthinking

Find a solution to your:

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Working with Lauren Wyka

Each session with Lauren is a masterclass in YOU!

Lauren Wyka Life Coach in Santa Momica

Lauren will help you prioritize yourself and teach you best practices to honor your bright light and help you align and flow and take inventory of all that’s already working for you. Lauren is a highly attuned empathic healer and grounding presence. She will enrich your life with her intuitive guidance, care and support.

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Lauren will assist you in removing perceptions of obstacles in your life to infuse all aspects of your living experience with clarity, ease, peace, and love. She will show you how to put the building blocks of your life together and establish a path to a more expansive, richer version of yourself, to attain your goals faster. Start living the life you want.

Happy Client Reviews

I appreciate you and all of our sessions that we have had. It has helped me in too many ways to list, but I feel so much more calm, confident and at peace with where I currently am, but also with the growth I have yet to do. You are amazing at what you do and I appreciate you. All the best.

Julie, Santa Monica, CA

After working with Lauren I feel more confident, which was a goal of mine. I feel better about building relationships and making decisions for myself. Talking through my personal feelings with Lauren helped me realize what I actually felt and what I actually wanted.

Azro, Washington DC

Group Coaching Online 

1:1 Coaching Session Santa Monica

in-person and/or via Zoom

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